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January 2020 Holidays

Warm welcome to all new Art Lab families. For six days in the January holidays we created natural beasties, printed robots, drew a giant airport (for the paper planes to land), experimented with colour, made inspired pillows in the likeness of a blob fish and a pickle, made jewellery, clay animals and much, much more not recorded in photographs.

‘Block-bot’ Robot-crafting

We modified some wooden blocked and beads, with a little drilling and sawing, to make robots. Even the corks came alive!

Hobbit House and Garden

We made a clay house and garden and decorated with a wide selection of natural materials such as shells and moss.

Art at the Beach
We headed to the beach to scavenge for treasures. We collected our goodies and returned to the Art Lab to create our mandalas and plaster casts.
Exploding Paint!

Spinning, rolling, & dripping… and other things you’ve never been allowed to do with paint before!
MAX MESSY WARNING: Wear old clothing and be sure to leave your parents at home

Making Cool Stuff

This was the original description…

“Make a wooden robot or a miniature city; a dog, insect or a ‘little room” to decorate. Lots of great treasures to make things with, and lots of help to create what you imagine.”

Let’s see what we made…