* Experiment with colour and creative ways of using paint
* Create with clay & natural materials
* Construct with recyclables
* Engineer with gravity to test adhesive methods and materials
* Sewing…

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* Qualified primary teacher and artist
* 15 years’ experience teaching art to primary-aged children
* Progressive teaching methods
* Lessons based on traditional and modern arts/crafts, developing skills & creativity
* Structured, but in a home-studio setting
* Daily or weekly themes
* A child-friendly, relaxed environment for after-school
* Lots of variety / choice
* Excellent resources

* Book your days online
* Single day or multiple day bookings accepted
* Change days easily
* Late-stay/pickup available
* Visa/Mastercard – no fees

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Creative kid’s
Art classes and after-school care

for children who like to

Age 5-13
Open 3-6.30pm

November dates
are now available

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Do you like to make things?

Use fabric, wire, clay, plaster of paris, paints, dyes and lots more and make something to take home every week. Loads of mess, lots of making and unlimited friends and fun.

Imagine a place you can go to after school
where you can chill out in a bean bag, under a tree,
while making clay animals!

Or you can come into the art studio and
sew something on the sewing machine, paint and draw with friends,
or make something at the woodworking table on the veranda!

Helen is an artist and teacher (and mad scientist!) and will
be there to support you to make lots of wonderful arts and crafts
including your own inventions!

What do we do?

These classes provide an opportunity to play and experiment in a structured but caring, home-studio environment.

Activities are designed and supervised by an experienced primary school teacher and artist.

To meet the needs of active and curious children after school we explore a variety of crafts such as sewing, crochet, pottery, felting, weaving, jewellery and woodwork; and the art forms: painting, drawing, sculpting and printmaking.

The activities utilise a child’s growing mathematical skills such as estimating, measuring, scaling up & down, changing 2D to 3D, exploring symmetry, and pattern-making. Natural sciencessuch as chemistry, biology, geology and physics are included, as well as history and culture (e.g. who discovered pottery?)

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