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Art Classes    with  Helen Savage


September 2019
Children's after school programme and art classes due to open. Please phone or email me.

August 2018
Returning to NZ after 4 years as a primary school art teacher and 3 years as a home room teacher. Wow, what a blast that was!
Settling in South Raumati, Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

August 2014
I have a contract to teach primary school art at a top private international school in Shanghai, China - Yew Chung International School of Shanghai. I'll be delivering seventeen classes a week for UK K4 to Year 3 (4-8 years old).

3rd July 2012
Currently teaching at the international school : Hong Kong Academy, Hong Kong

12th October 2009
For my January holiday programme visits, click here.

27th June 2009
Sorry, I am not teaching any art classes until November 2009, due to my workload at Teacher's College.

I am available in late November, December and early January 2009 for holiday programmes / events. I start back at Teacher's College on 25th Januray 2010.

If you are looking for art classes for your children try COCA Gallery 03-366-7261.

26th January 2009
I am no longer teaching term art classes at COCA.

I am returning to school myself to do a Graduate Diploma In Teaching and will soon reappear on the scene as a primary school teacher with a special love of teaching art!

My availability for holiday programme art classes is not clear as yet, depending on the free time I have during the school holidays. Please contact me for details.

12 - 30th January 2009
I'm teaching 350 children at various holiday programmes around Christchurch. We are building clay hobbit houses with gardens and printing robots!

12th December 2008
Term 4 Project - Check out our completed Stupid Sock Puppets!

3rd October 2008
Term 4 classes are almost full.

I visited and ran a class at a children's holiday programme yesterday. There was a hive of excited energy as 40 children made decorated fish and fishing ponds to create a fishing game that they could each take home!

July 2008
I visited an exuberant birthday party with 12 children. They each made a clay cat out of a stong-durable clay that didn't need firing. We made tigers, sitting cats and standing cats!

"Thanks so much for your effort yesterday. She really enjoyed her party and I appreciate all you did to make that happen."

11th May 2008
Term 2 classes are full. This is the first time we've had all classes full!

23rd March 2008
The 2008 Term 1 art classes have an attendance rate of over 95%! A great confirmation that the children love the classes (and its summer and they are not getting sick!) Each year I have been fortunate enough to increase the number of classes. In the last 6 months I've run 5-6 classes each term. (This has grown from one class at COCA in 2005).

18th February 2008
Designing of this website began






Making Super Clay Lolly Bowls
(April 2008)

Step 1. Making a dish shaped mould out of plaster of paris.
Step 2. Making small clay shapes.
Step 3. Pressing them into the mould and coating behind to make a fancy clay dish !

clay bowl making

Step 4. Next class when the clay is dry, pull then out and get them fired in a kiln

clay bowl

Step 5. Paint them with coloured glazes and get them fired again

clay bowl colour

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