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Art Classes    with  Helen Savage
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art fairy, creative kids - art classes for children with Helen Savage, christchurch, nz

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This is the old website.

I have relocated to South Raumati, Paraparaumu on the Kapiti coast.

Art classes have began! Check out  

Please email or phone me (04-297-9277 / 022-505-4058) so that I can keep you in touch with what is happening. Classes will operate from my home at 6 Rainbow Court, Raumati South.

About Helen: I'm a New Zealand registered primary teacher with 7 years teaching in international private schools. For the last 4 years I have been teaching art with 14-17 classes of eager students a week. I also have lots of experience running children's holiday programmes (Detailed Bio).

Previous Classes:

Multi-Media Art Classes: I teach multi-media art classes every term of the school year. These classes cater for students from 5 - 13 years and cover a broad range of art practices in 2D and 3D with media including: drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, construction, and mixed media with design techniques of colour, form, texture and composition. My number one focus is on skill development, fun and creativity!

Asked how they would describe the classes one child said,
"We do fun stuff!"

Structure: Each term the art classes are structured around a specific theme. Within the central theme, subject matter becomes more involved and diverse depending on the age and experience level and fresh activities are provided each term. The classes are limited to 12 students to ensure that each student receives individual tuition. The classes run in conjunction with the school terms.

"As a parent my satisfaction is high.
I would rate the standard of teaching as 10 out of 10."

Cost: The course fee of $ " (per 9 classes in a term) covers all materials, afternoon tea and art shirts. Children can join a class during the term at a reduced cost if there are spaces available.

Holiday Classes, Visiting Artist or Adult Classes: Click here for more information.

A parent said...
"She's always thrilled and waits for Tuesdays.
She wishes every day was Tuesday!"

About Helen : I have a Bachelor of Design (Craft Arts) and have been teaching art to children in educational settings for 20 years. Read more...

"My daughter enjoys it. The classes are diverse.
There's different themes every time she goes there."

Booking Now: Some classes are full before the term starts. This varies each term, so I suggest you book in as soon as possible.

More Info: If you would like to talk to me about the classes I can be contacted at home:

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"They can get down and dirty, and not in my house!"

art stone
Term 1 Theme : "Art Naturally"
This term we are exploring art that uses materials that have been collected from the beach, the bush, and the garden! Make dyes from leaves, twigs and shells. Also, making the best use of the warm summer afternoons, we will sometimes take our drawing and painting to the art centre and the botanical gardens.


Junior 1  (5 & 6 year olds)
Saturday 10am - 12noon
(9 Feb - 12 April)   9 classes 



Junior 2  (5 - 8 year olds)
Saturday 1.30 - 3.30pm
(9 Feb - 12 April)   9 classes

art folder

Junior 3  (6 - 9 year olds)    
Tuesday 4 - 6pm
(12 Feb - 15 April)   9 classes


art clay

Play with Clay  (5 - 13 year olds)
Monday 4 - 6pm
(11 Feb - 14 April)   9 classes
For beginner and experienced clay sculptors

art wall

Intermediate +   (10 - 13 year olds)
Wednesday 4 - 6pm
(13 Feb - 16 April)   9 classes

Adult Adventures in Art
Tuesday 10am - 12noon
(19 Feb - 15 April)   8 classes

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