Helen Savage
Art Works

from 1990 - 2003


The Making Of "Hymns To The Silence"


The model is positioned and wrapped in plastic. On top of the mattress an electric blanket keeps the model warm.

Reinforcing wire mesh is formed around the bottom and sides of the mattress.


The plaster is mixed.

Half of the plaster is poured onto a large ground sheet. Then rapidly a sheet is placed onto the plaster and the other half of the plaster is spread onto the sheet.


The wet plaster sheet is quickly carried and placed over the model and shaped.
Then there's a time of waiting while the plaster sets over 20 to 45 minutes.

Once the plaster is set the model wriggles out of the plaster. On occasion the cast needs to be broken to free the model's knees or ankles.


Once the casts are dry they are carefully turned upside down.

Another wet plaster sheet is added to the underside covering the reinforcement and strengthening it further.


Helen does the final repairs to areas that cracked.


The finished plaster casts in the studio.

Last minute adaptations to the trailer are needed to transport the casts to the exhibition.

Carrying them in.

Laid out ready for the opening.



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Christchurch, NZ